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Each Client Brings Opportunities For Success.
F.A.M.’s approach is informal, collaborative, highly strategic and very focused.

There comes a time for many athletes when the requests placed upon their shoulders become to heavy to carry. That is where F.A.M. steps in.

We not only handle the requests, but we also create new requests through an aggressive P.R. plan which markets you to companies and media outlets worldwide. It is important for us to handle all outside matters so that you can spend your time concentrating on your career and home life.

Good publicity for an athlete can help in many areas – including a contract negotiation at a later point. Many athletic organizations heavily weigh an athlete's character, their charitable contributions and overall national or worldwide popularity when looking into how long to extend a contract and how much for. We will work with your agent to ensure that this is accomplished.

The services offered by F.A.M. will help you to achieve personal and professional success. We keep a low number of clients within our organization to ensure that each athlete receives our full attention, unlike many larger PR groups or agencies who have scores of clients to divide their time. While they worry about their company's bottom line – I worry about yours.


  • We begin by asking a lot and listening even more during meetings with clients. We strive to understand our client’s intent.


  • From this, we create a comprehensive communications road map detailing the specific objectives and outlining the strategies for accomplishing them using a wide range of marketing tools. The road map will include suggested activities.


  • We execute the plan to its minutest detail. We handle the full range of marketing services, traditional PR activities and communications. We am nimble enough to adjust the plan and handle any surprises along the way. We never lose sight of the goals.


  • We optimize our efforts by taking the client’s message across various platforms and making the most of every available channel – publicity conferences, print ads, advertisements, sponsorships and online outreach.


  • We measure everything we do. We use the information to continuously adjust, improve and get closer to achieving our client’s goals.




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